I strive make it possible for people to solve really big problems by facing their challenges and opportunities head on.  A clear and complete view – of ourselves, our people, and our organizations – makes it possible to optimize resident strengths, strategically develop new capacity, and uncover choices that get everyone down to productive, meaningful work. And that solution doesn’t usually come out of a box.

Strategic challenges

People:  Effectiveness, productivity, and even on-the-job satisfaction depends on having aces in their places and giving them opportunity to excel.  I help you, and them, address common individual development opportunities, including:

  • Using strengths effectively, complementary strengths in others, and building underdeveloped capabilities
  • Making better, more aligned decisions
  • Building capability for strategic thinking
  • Using emotional intelligence for business impact
  • Developing influence and communication capability

Organizations:  The principal challenge for organizations is understanding the change they are experiencing, making sense of it, and putting in place adaptable plans and processes.  Solving that challenge requires building a foundation of understanding, respect, and commitment to a shared mission.

As a facilitator, program and meeting designer, and partner in creating meaningful change, I work with organizations to:

  • Define, articulate, and disseminate an inspiring mission, vision, and values for aligned strategy
  • Address human and group dynamics that threaten to become obstacles to business results
  • Develop an actionable shared understanding of the current situation, the challenges to be addressed, and a way forward
  • Identify and adopt methods to transform values into features of a sustainable culture

Our go-to methods

I rely on expertise in the following methods, and draw on others:

  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • Team coaching and team development, including assessment, process improvement, and skill building
  • Leadership and management development learning programs and experiences
  • Meeting design and facilitation, including retreat meetings
  • Organizational assessment
  • Change management

The approach

A simple, clear approach allows me to adapt to the context, issues, and urgency of your organization.

  • Assessment or discovery:  From the perspective of stakeholders, what is really going on?
  • Review:  What did we learn?  What does it mean?  You bring your experience and we bring our expertise.
  • Recommendations:  The best ways to introduce change for sustained, positive impact.
  • Action:  Make change, monitor for measurable impact, and identify follow-on effects.
  • Own:  Define and execute the roles, processes, and management and feedback routines that will ensure ongoing results.