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The Learning Leader Lab 2016

is an intensive development experience that answers the question,

“What is leadership? Your leadership?”

Leading will demand more of you than you can envision. But not more than you are capable of.

The Learning Leader Lab introduces you to ways of thinking and being that will challenge you to behave differently, think differently, and even feel differently in your current or anticipated role. It offers memorable experiences from which you’ll see yourself more clearly. You'll identify challenges you are drawn to and resist. And you'll practice using your own experience as a lab for insight and meaningful action.

The Learning Leader Lab

Build a strong leadership foundation

Becoming a leader is a lifelong, joyful endeavor. In this program, you will:

  • Learn approaches to change, both personal and organizational
  • Practice the leadership skill: taking fresh, innovative perspectives
  • Develop strategies for learning from experience
  • Develop one or more sources of resilience
  • Recognize yourself more clearly in the face of extreme uncertainty
  • Work on real work and take on a new relationship to it

The Learning Leader Lab 2016 begins...

...in February and continues for 10 weeks.

During this program, you will use a current project or initiative to exercise new skills and reflect on it as a source of learning. You will choose to:

  • Address key relationships and engage in challenging, important conversations
  • Address team effectiveness and your role as team leader
  • Address organizational change and your role as an influencer

How will we learn together?

Face to face  We will meet in person every two weeks to be introduced to models for leading and managing. We'll test them in discussion and then in practice.

Individual leadership coaching  Early in the program, you'll meet with me for individual coaching. Together, we'll identify your objectives and learning goals. At the end of the program, we'll meet again to explore what it means to be a Learning Leader and what steps are next for you.

Peer partners for coaching and accountability  At least every other week, you'll meet with a peer partner by phone, video-conference, or in person to support and investigate each other's on-the-job learning. Not only will you learn by doing on the job, you'll become a better coaching manager.

Reflection  We'll regularly reflect together online about some of the big questions that leading and managing raise: What do I really want to accomplish? What are my core values? Where are they leading me? Whom do I serve? What is my purpose?

This program isn't training. It's an experience in developing yourself, developing your own perspective, and discovering how knowledge, skills, mindset, and practice work when you employ them in context.

Enroll in the Learning Leader Lab 2016

Any of the activities above over ten weeks might cost $1,000. The Learning Leader Lab 2015 includes all of those learning activities and integrates them.

Step 1

Write a short letter of interest that will serve as your application. I'll send you a link to complete the application online.

Step 2

Identify people who will respond to your 360 assessment. To get this process started early, it will help you and others in the program to identify nine people who have observed you somewhat regularly at work (At least one manager, three peers, and four team members).

Step 3

Pay half the program fees by January 10.

Program fees

Registration: $2,495. You may pay in two parts. Half by January 10. Half by March 15, the midpoint.

Are you The Learning Leader?

You’ll benefit from The Learning Leader Lab if you:

  • Are responsible for a team or a group
  • Have decision-making responsibility
  • Are evaluated on your performance
  • Are motivated by a commitment to make an organization more effective, purposeful, and humane
  • Are open to exploring the relationship between your work and your values
  • Are prepared to try new ways of working

Many leaders start by recognizing that they want to accomplish something. The real thrill comes when we recognize that our work, our challenge, our unique invitation is to become someone.