Fixing a fixed mindset: Failure is an option

“Failure is not an option.” For some people, this is how they say they’ve got grit and persistence. But others live it without recognizing that they’re working as hard as possible to avoid failure in many ways, big and small. “If I don’t do well, what’s become of my skills, talents, […]

Coaching Manager: What kind of coaching are you doing?

You’re already a coaching manager. You’re using your best instinct, experience, and training and that means you maybe sending mixed signals. What’s this Coaching Manager doing? For each of the questions below, get a read on whether you rely more on performance coaching or developmental coaching by deciding whether each […]

Becoming the Coaching Manager: The Hard Way

Research points to managers (and leaders) being the cause of up to 30 percent difference in financial results. (Hay Group). Let me emphasize the point. Managers can influence results by up to 30 percent – increase or decrease – using the right leadership style at the right time. Personal experience […]

Are you a Coaching Manager?


Global themes in talent management

Managing Feedback failure can affect results Research shows that local department or team culture – think “climate” – is driven by the leader’s ability to provide high, balanced levels of flexibility, responsibility, standards, rewards, clarity, and team commitment. Feedback clarifies what leaders expect of their people. Unclear expectations undercut productivity, team engagement […]

How to Use Fixed Mindset to Discover What Matters Most

If you’ve ever had a 4:00 a.m. thought about something you’ve done and you cringe, you may be experiencing the “fixed mindset.” Maybe it comes back to you as, “I screwed up.” It’s personal. Recalling it brings to life good old-fashioned shame. For a more than two years, I’ve been […]

Parting: Lessons from Leaving

A few weeks ago, I stepped out of a group that I’ve belonged to for about eighteen months. It was not easy make the decision. I was nervous as I made the announcement. The group includes coaches and consultants striving to learn and serve our clients better. I did learn a […]

 The way we spend our days is the way we spend our lives.

– Annie Dillard

 What you are is what you have been, and what you will be is what you do now.

– The Buddha

Leaders listen to feedback from all sources

“Whatever it is that’s happening in your life, that goes into the voice. And it becomes your instrument.” – Cassandra Wilson When we operate from the neck up at work, we’re missing a lot of data. In a meeting recently, I noticed that I was hunching. It was a good […]

“What I didn’t do….” – Mario Cuomo

I have fond, vague memories of the late Governor of New York, Mario Cuomo. When he died, I recognized that I had an impression of him as a leader even though I didn’t follow politics closely when I was young and he was in the governor’s mansion. My impression was […]