The Equipoise Project

Travis Yewell courtesy

The Equipoise Project is a practice and learning community that is sprouting from the Corentus Team Coaching Certificate (CTCC) program. This is my offer to share ways of developing attention, awareness, and familiarity with patterns in ourselves through teaching, reflection, and consistent practice with others.

“Equipoise” is the word we use to describe how we aim to be: attentive, aware, ready to act without impulsiveness, and familiar with habitual urges driven by fear and wishfulness.

If that sounds like an exalted state – rare and difficult to achieve – it is.

Experiencing equipoise every moment of every day is hard to envision. But from time to time, you have probably already experienced ease, fluidity, and a sense of cooperating with what’s already happening. Take a moment now to recall it. It’s a natural capacity that we can develop and offer for the benefit of others. It’s not out of reach for any of us.


There are many ways that this Project may grow. For now, we are a gathering, a simple set of shared commitments, a light structure to support practice, and frankly, an opening to the mystery of life as we experience it in ourselves and in teams.

This experiment is inspired by Betsy, a coach in CTCC cohort 2, who requested that the group that met weekly continue to meet forever. I can offer a shorter stretch of about four months. (Nothing lasts forever.) Let’s see what emerges together.

Who can participate?

For the time being, you must have completed the Corentus Team Coaching Certificate program to be part of the Project.

This offering is builds on the experience of those who have completed the CTCC. It assumes a good deal of knowledge of team coaching and the important role Being plays in the state and effectiveness of the team coach.

If you sign up for this first-time offering, your feedback will make the offering better for those who come afterward. It will also help clarify the kind of grounding that will make the experience a benefit to others. I hope to open the admission wider in the future.


Here are my commitments to those who choose to be part of The Equipoise Project:

  • I will convene a regular 40-minute gathering time, weekly, whenever possible, over a four month period
  • I will publish a calendar of meeting dates
    • I will poll the people who are interested and do my best to find a convenient time for the greatest number of people.
  • I will teach for a short period
    • For example, I’ll describe how we might think about or reflect on what we’re doing in practice and what it means. I will also share a couple of ways of viewing experience that help us recognize patterns and offer simple methods to work with them. I’ll draw from ancient and modern wisdom, and occasionally, my own experience.
  • I will offer practice instructions and guide us in a practice.
    • My aim is to provide a small set of foundational practices. Practices are numberless; our focus will be to experience a few of them deeply over time.
  • I will invite us into a discussion about the experience of practice
  • I can make myself available for individual discussion, too.


My requests of you:

  • I will ask you to practice ten minutes every day
    • Consider whether you are willing to take on a daily practice. I will ask you to do that because without regular practice, we do not recognize how we change and how we return to familiar material.
  • I will ask you to attend three of every four meetings and be willing to listen to the one you missed if we agree to record our meetings.
    • Consider whether you can attend the meetings consistently. Practice together invites trust. Candid discussion requires it. Being present regularly is the starting point.
  • I will ask you to reflect on what you want. What do you expect to do or gain by being part of the Project? I will ask you to share that with me privately early in the Project. This will help me shape our time together. It could also be useful if we talk one-on-one.
    • Consider what you want to get out of The Equipoise Project. What does your heart want? What longing does it speak to? Can you be open to changing your objective?
  • I ask you not to treat the practices as techniques intended for you to teach others.
    • The Equipoise Project is a learning and practice community for your benefit. We start at home, with ourselves, cultivating “being” to have a positive effect on others.
    • While you may be inspired to offer these practice to others, you’ll benefit a great deal by gaining more experience in practice yourself. If in time the inspiration continues, I’d be glad to talk more about it.
  • There is no fee for the Project, but I will ask you to consider making a donation to reflect your commitment and the benefit you get.
    • Consider what you are receiving as the Project unfolds. Is it meaningful? Is it nourishing? Is it supporting your vision for being and acting in this world?
  • I will ask you for your observations at one or two points during the Project.